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Top 10 Best Stocks To Buy Now

top 10 best stocks to buy now

Of all the stocks in the market, which are the top 10 best to buy now?  Whether one is new to the financial markets or a seasoned veteran, it is our hope that this discussion will provide valuable insights into stock picking. It is important to note that we will be discussing real companies with real products. Also, we will talk about different market sectors.  A sector is simply a classification of a company, such as technology. Take all these sectors together, and we have what is referred to as the stock market. Different sectors act differently given certain investor

Day Trading Rules

Day Trading Rules & Strategies

Day trading is a career for some, and a hobby for others, and even a dream for more. This article will explain in detail day trading rules, how to day trade, and even some day trading strategies. Day trading has been much more popular since the advent of online brokerage services and direct market access platforms (DMA). DMA is another term for electronic trading capabilities that bring participants from across the globe together. This will be necessary for a day trader, as it shows them the book listed on the exchanges on which the financial instrument can be traded. We

Top Stocks To Invest In 2018

Top Stocks To Buy

Almost 4,000 stocks exist in the primary investable universe. With such a large spectrum of choices, how can individual investors be expected to make informed decisions and consistently profit? Better yet, what are the top stocks to invest in? Successful investing consists of finding good risk/reward ideas and having the vision to allow those ideas to mature into profits. We will discuss what makes a good stock investment, ways to identify real companies with real goods and services, and how one can expect to profit from these investments. Some of the companies listed may sound familiar, others foreign. The important

Introduction To Momentum Trading

Momentum Trading

Momentum trading strategies are employed by traders who believe in the saying “the trend is your friend.” This contrasts mean reversion traders who believe that prices revert to a historical mean. Momentum traders rely on a strong trend in either direction and above average volume. Some stocks are referred to as “momentum names”  because they are historically large movers. Once a stock garners this designation; it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The stock will attract more momentum traders hoping to profit from a sustained move in either direction. Many times, these names are companies with a new product, or an innovative

Starbucks Stock Market: Can The Coffee Maker Ever Hit $100?

What is happening with Starbucks stock market? Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) goes back and forth with Wall Street investors, always trying to woo them and bring them on board no matter what the underlying trading or investing picture for the stock. Such wooing is par for the course and one can hardly blame SBUX for adopting such a posture. But on the other side of that posture are the analysts; an ever-parading wall of opinion on where SBUX will be at some point in the future. Their opinion is never cohesive, and for every analyst that considers Starbucks stock market upside

Stock Market For Kids – Why You Should Educate Them About Stocks

Is the stock market for kids? That’s a question that many day traders who trade penny stocks and who just happens to have kids may sometimes ask themselves. For some the stock market for kids idea is a bad one; but that’s only if the point of view assumes that your kids will never move into the grown-up world of adult finance. Chances are they will, so it is a good idea to educate them and have them believe in stock market for kids. Imagine for a second that you have a kid and have the parental ambition to steer

4 Essential Stock Market Order Types You Need To Know About

Top Stocks To Buy

Stock market order types? Successful traders spend the time to get to know the stock market order types; without this knowledge traders have difficulty getting to grips with the market. Poor grip often translates into losses and a poor trading or investing experience. There are basically four types of stock market orders that can be placed: market order; limit order; stop loss; stop limit; trailing stop loss and trailing stop limit. Stock Market Order Types – Market Order A market order is an instruction to your broker to buy a set number of shares in a company at the prevailing

Is This The Best Stock Market Movie Ever?

stock market movie

In 1987 one of the best stock market movie ever was released. That movie, dubbed appropriately, Wall Street, attempted to depict the internal workings of an almost ephemeral place that generations of people have flocked to in order to make a fortune. As a stock market movie Wall Street shines supreme and is today the standard-bearer for cinema as it relates to the often cut-throat world of trading in the stock market. Stock Market Movie – What Wall Street Got Wrong Wall Street tells the story of a young and ambitious stockbroker who manages to convince one of the top

Stock Market Death Cross: What You Should Know

stock market death cross

In order to understand the stock market death cross, there’s an important concept called a crossover which first has to be understood. Consider the crossover an essential foundation for reading a death cross – without this important charting event, no reading can take place. So what is a crossover? A crossover occurs when a security intersects one of its key technical indicators. The key indicators used to predict future movement of a stock vary, but the daily moving average continues to hold sway among traders and investors.  An example of such a crossover would be when a security – i.e.

Stock Market Is Rigged? Here’s Why You Should Still Trade

stock market rigged

It’s not uncommon to hear a day trader or an investor proclaim that the stock market is rigged. They usually utter this notion after they’ve lost money, often despite following some well-worn advice about precisely how to play the stock market and win. From a rational perspective, suggesting that the stock market is rigged is no different from saying that the Golden State Warriors are winning because the NBA is rigged. No self-respecting NBA fan would say that because there is simply no evidence to support the claim. By the same token no evidence to prove that the stock market