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How I Made 2 Million In The Stock Market: The Book That Changed It All

There are quite a few good books written to show day traders and investors how to make money from the stock market but few hold a candle to how I made 2 million in the stock market. Written by Hungarian born Nicholas Darvas, the book how I made 2 million in the stock market has become one of the true stock market education classics. As a study in the fundamentals of how to play the stock market and win, you can scarcely find a better book – with an interesting backstory from the author to boot. How I Made 2

Should I Get Out Of The Stock Market? Here’s The Truth

should I get out of the stock market

A big question that is trending among day traders who trade penny stocks is should I get out of the stock market? The answer to this question is pretty easy, but it depends on perspective. If you are day trader who hasn’t taken the time to get to grips with the stock market and penny stocks then clearly the answer to the question, should I get out of the stock market is a big fat YES. But that person would be what most Americans call a loser, a quitter, someone who doesn’t deserve to take part in the American dream.

Stock Market Board Game: 3 Top Games

penny stock day trading game

Can a stock market board game make you rich? It’s a fascinating question – one many a day trader and investor asks often in a bid to find some solution to making money on the stock market. The reasoning behind the question is fair enough, too. Pilots spend hours in a simulated environment before taking to the skies to fly a plane; race car drivers now also undertake lots of simulated training before getting behind an actual wheel so it opens up huge possibilities for stock market board game. We’ve researched a few of the best stock market board games

Stock Market 101: The Basics Explained

stock market 101

Moving from beginner to expert in day trading or investing takes time. It also takes some knowledge of stock market 101. Without this knowledge of stock market 101 you can end up lost at sea for years. Worse, you could sink without understanding these fundamentals so let’s dive into the basics so that you can raise your game and increase your odds of stock market success. Stock Market 101 – Where the Trading Takes Place There are three main stock market indexes that beginners need to be aware of. These are the Dow Jones Industrial Average which tracks 30 different

5 Marijuana Stocks To Watch

marijuana penny stocks

There are few opportunities that have captured the imagination of the investing community quite like the marijuana industry. Long since the preserve of illegal activities, mainstream indiscretion and debate, marijuana has in a few short years, shed its disagreeable image and is now thoroughly in the mainstream. With this new paradigm comes an unprecedented opportunity for investors to capitalize on the best companies the space has to offer. Those companies are of course spread across a variety of sub-sectors for marijuana stocks tend to be very dynamic in current incarnations. There are marijuana stocks that are steeped in the biotech

10 Stock Market Facts You Won’t Believe

stock market facts

The stock market can be a lot of fun, and on the odd occasion it can be not so fun. But don’t let that schizophrenia put you off because there are some stock market facts that really make the whole thing interesting. Here are our top 10 stock market facts – you won’t see the stock market in quite the same way again after you plug into these stock market facts. Stock Market Facts 1 – The US Didn’t Start It All The US stock market is the biggest in the world. Trillions of dollars flow through the major and

Is The Stock Market Open On Saturday

is the stock market open on saturday

Is the stock market open on Saturday? That’s an important question and one, surprisingly enough, that’s asked by quite a lot of people. According to Google, the phrase produces more 6.3M search results. Given the allure of the stock market, and the ever-increasing popularity of penny stocks, it’s not hard to see why many are asking is the stock market open on Saturday. We did some digging and here are our findings on the question. The reveal should go a long way in helping day traders make sense of penny stocks, big-board stocks, and everything in between. Is The Stock

You Can Be A Stock Market Genius

timothy sykes

Let’s get one thing out the way straight away: you can be a stock market genius! It’s really not as difficult as many people thing; in fact, if you follow the strategy we outline below, you have a good chance of making it in the ranks of stock market geniuses. The strategy that can make you can be a stock market genius possible has one simple yet powerful principle at its core. Let’s get into it now. You Can Be Stock Market Genius The first thing that you’ll need to do to become a stock market genius is seek out

Best Stock Market Book for Beginners

how to trade for a living

The best entry into the stock market for any beginner is through day trading. So, it stands to reason that a very good strategy for getting started is finding the best stock market book for beginners. Finding the best of anything is always a difficult, but with solid criteria for selection it can be done. In fact, we’ve found the best stock market book for beginners, including penny stocks, and we’ve used perhaps the two most important fundamentals: 1) The best stock market book for beginners is hugely popular among the people who actually use it, and 2) It’s written

Are You Reading The Best Stock Market Books?

Beating the stock market isn’t easy; and it is doubly hard trying to beat the markets without having the right foundation of knowledge. The best traders and investors get that foundation from reading the best stock market books. But what is “best?” And by whose standard can one judge the best stock market books? While we don’t pretend to be infallible on the issue of the best stock market books, we’ve spent a good deal of time over the years reading, sifting, sorting and ranking. With that said we’d like to present three of the best stock market books that