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Cheap Stocks To Buy Now

Cheap Stocks to buy now

What makes a stock cheap? Well, there is a big difference between price and value.  The best cheap stocks aren’t just cheap, they’re undervalued. In order to pick cheap stocks with potential, you need to learn how to evaluate a company. Cheap stocks have a low share price, but unvalued stocks have a low share price in comparison to the company’s true value. Share price is the cost that you pay to purchase one share. However, share price is only one factor in determining the true value of a stock. Don’t make the incorrect assumption that you’re looking at a

Best Day Trading Stocks

best day trading stocks

A day trade occurs when a trader opens and closes an equity position in the same trading session. Day traders look at trades differently than investors and swing traders. The best day trading stocks are totally different from traditional investments. Before you start, know that day trading is high-stakes and high-stress. Profitable day trading requires extensive research and analysis, so it’s not for everyone. If you still want to jump in, here are a few pointers to help you succeed. The best day trading stocks have two key attributes: liquidity and volatility. In day trading, the stakes are so high

Robinhood Penny Stocks: What You Need To Know

Robinhood is a mobile trading platform that allows users to trade stocks with no fees or minimum balances. The app has been a godsend for novice traders and investors with small portfolios, and Robinhood penny stocks have become particularly popular amongst day traders.  Users can trade equities and penny stocks listed with NASDAQ and NYSE with no commissions or hidden fees. Investors can even trade option contracts without commissions. Yes, it’s really free! Other companies have attempted to launch zero-commission brokerage platforms in the past with little success. Traditional brokers couldn’t offer zero-commission trades and simultaneously turn a profit, but

Strong Buy Stocks

Best Buy Stocks

If you follow the markets, you’ve likely seen share prices jump when a famous analyst makes a “strong buy” call on a stock, but what exactly makes strong buy stocks worth buying? There’s no universal formula to evaluate equities, and analysts each have their own unique criteria for determining strong buy stocks. However, a statistic that is consistently used to evaluate stocks is share price per earnings. Price/Earnings  =  Earnings ÷ Share Price A company’s value is largely determined by its earnings. Dividing earnings by share price tells us the rate investors are paying to own a piece of the

Hot Stocks

hot stocks

Hot stocks are always a topic of conversation among traders and investors. However, many outside of Wall Street do not understand what makes these names attractive in the first place. Being able to identify hot stocks before they pop, or early in their run allows traders greater profit opportunity. One method of identifying hot stocks is developing a screening tool that monitors large volume spikes during the trading session. Large volume usually precedes large moves; think of it as an igniter that starts the fire. Hot stocks remain active for weeks, sometimes months at a time. Consequently, it is a

Best Day Trading Books

Best day trading books

Literature on trading is plentiful, but that does not mean it is all worthwhile. A good portion of it is created only for profit and lacks sound advice to help develop traders. This article breaks down the best day trading books and offers highlights of their strengths. Characteristics of best day trading books include strategy development, psychology lessons, and personal takes on trading the markets. Successful trading depends heavily on finding a strategy that fits ones psychology. A trader needs to research different methods and understand which suits him best. Best Introduction Day Trading Books A Beginner’s Guide To Day

Stocks To Watch

Top Stocks to Watch

The investment universe is vast, showing over 7,000 stocks, and many more if participants are willing to look. How do successful traders and investors narrow the universe and identify stocks to watch? Trading strategies vary widely. In addition, so do the stocks that support these strategies. Consequently, it is important to identify stocks that support profitable strategies. This article will discuss stocks that consistently reward traders if those traders are able to execute the strategy. In addition, we will analyze metrics that make these names the best for a stock watch list. Market Leading Stocks To Watch The simplest of

Best Day Trading Platform

Best day trading platforms

Online day trading exploded in popularity with commercial use of the internet. Traders no longer need a seat at the stock exchange or a direct line to brokers. Instead, individuals receive security quotes from the comfort of their living room. They are able to trade with others worldwide through various exchanges. Various software packages exist in the industry. We will discuss the best day trading platform options, and what makes them stand out. Quotes are no longer available to only broker-dealers or market makers. Through direct market access (DMA), individual traders interact with the order book of an exchange. This

Most Volatile Stocks

Most Volatile Stocks

Short-term traders need stocks to move in order to profit. There needs to be volatility, otherwise traders would not thrive. The most volatile stocks in the market make the best candidate for trading. However, volatility means extra risk to unprepared traders. It is common for a sector to contain the most volatile stocks, over a given period. For instance, if uncertainty exists in oil markets due to geopolitical concern, oil stocks could be the most volatile for a period. That in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most historically volatile stocks. Additionally, we will look at how

How To Become A Day Trader

How To Become A Day Trader

Trading the financial markets can be a lucrative and liberating profession. Individuals are drawn in because of its low barriers to entry, intellectual exercise, and potential for financial freedom.  Do you know how to become a day trader? Many people have a distorted view about day trading and what a day trader does. Commercials and advertisements fill the internet with promises of expensive cars and glamorous lifestyle. Of course, it’s possible if you  master the skill of trading… but the reality is most who try will fail. How To Become A Day Trader – Getting The Idea  The stock market