Top 10 Best Stocks To Buy Now

Of all the stocks in the market, which are the top 10 best to buy now?  Whether one is new to the financial markets or a seasoned veteran, it is our hope that this discussion will provide valuable insights into stock picking.

It is important to note that we will be discussing real companies with real products. Also, we will talk about different market sectors.  A sector is simply a classification of a company, such as technology. Take all these sectors together, and we have what is referred to as the stock market. Different sectors act differently given certain investor risk appetite. We will revisit this topic later on, but for now, let’s talk specific companies.

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Best Tech Stocks To Buy Now

Apple Inc (NASDAQ : AAPL) designs, manufactures, and markets mobile communication and media devices to customers worldwide. Today, it is almost impossible to go to a consumer venue and not see an AAPL product. This company single revolutionized the smart phone market. Itis unique in that it dominates the consumer goods market, and also the tech market. The debate continues how to classify this company. However, investors are only concerned with the high market demand and greater than 40% gross margins boasted by the company.

Furthermore, investors in AAPL have been rewarded over time through capital appreciation and a consistent dividend which is not commonplace for tech companies. This company is the biggest company in the world, and is still growing, boasting cash deposits in excess of some of its peer’s total revenues.

NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ : NVDA) operates as a visual computing company worldwide. This investment has been one of the best performing in the market today, showing a return of well over 100% over the past year. NVDA has extreme market share and shows high demand for goods and services. The company shows outstanding sales and earnings per shares (EPS) growth. These are two metrics on which Wall Street analyst measure company performance, which has led to the stratospheric  share price rise.

Best Tech Services Stock To Buy Now

Netflix, Inc (NASDAQ : NFLX) an Internet television network, engages in the Internet delivery of television (TV) shows and movies on various Internet-connected screens. As a services company, it is judged on how many new customers it acquires over time. The firm has been a best stock to buy, showing return over 50%. It focuses on new content and customer acquisition to drive business.

Most noteworthy, the company does not offer a dividend, which is to say that the investment is made for share price appreciation only. Some consider this a more risky investment, but with higher risk comes greater rewards. NFLX investors have seen some of the highest returns in the market recently.

Best Lower Price DOW Stocks To Buy Now

General Electric (NYSE : GE) operates as an infrastructure and technology company worldwide. The company is well over 100 years old.

The company is considered a conglomerate, meaning they are involved in many different businesses.  There is little risk of this company going out of business considering it has a multitude of revenue streams. GE offers a dividend yield of approximately 2.5% meaning it returns capital to investors just for holding the stock.

It is a top 10 stock to buy now as it gives exposure to so many different sectors in the market.

The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE : KO) a beverage company, manufactures and distributes various nonalcoholic beverages worldwide.  KO offers a dividend of over 3% which is an extremely healthy yield in this market.

Most noteworthy, it has seen the likes of legendary investors such as Warren Buffett, so if it’s good enough for Buffett, rest assured it can be good enough for an individual’s portfolio.

Also, this best stock to buy is a liquid name so one can buy or sell as many shares as he prefers without adverse fill risk The company shows steady sales, high analyst consensus, and high gross margins. These metrics make KO a top stock to buy in the market today.

Best Higher Price DOW Stocks To Buy Now

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE : JNJ)  researches and develops, manufactures, and sells various products in the health care field worldwide. This company is the maker of household names such as BAND-AID, Listerine, and Neosporin.

Furthermore, many believe that companies involved in the medical field are risky. However, JNJ does not perform primary research. Instead, they will offer to buy companies that develop successful drugs rather than risk developing themselves. This company boasts a strong balance sheet and also offers a dividend, making it a safe yet lucrative stock in today’s market. It is a more expensive stock, which will lead to bigger moves on a dollar basis. It has been a best stock to buy for many years.

The Walt Disney Company (NYSE : DIS) operates as an entertainment company worldwide. The company’s Media Networks segment operates cable programming services, including the ESPN, Disney channels. DIS has recently been actively growing its reach in the entertainment space. This is important for investors who believe that large market share is the key to maximizing returns. Also, the company produces successful motion pictures as well as owns popular TV channels.

In addition, they have many analysts offering perspective on where they see the future of the company. DIS has a p/e ratio (price to earnings) that is currently below that of the S&P 500. Some investors believe the company is undervalued relative to other stocks. Undervalued companies usually play catch up and increase in price.

Best Niche Stock To Buy Now

AT&T Inc (NYSE : T) provides telecommunications and digital entertainment services.  Market participants will recognize this stock as many use T’s service, whether it is through TV or cell phone products and services.

Finally, this company is one of the few that operates in the space, and its shows a market cap, or measurement of size, of $2.32 billion making it one of the larger companies in the market. Investors looking for stability based on relative size will understand this company’s hold on the industry. It too offers a dividend to shareholders. This combination of size, lack of competitors and healthy dividend make it a top stock to buy today.

Best Infrastructure Stocks To Buy Now

Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM) explores for and produces crude oil and natural gas in the worldwide.   They are a massive company with deep pockets that investors look to in order to gain exposure to the oil markets. The company does not track the price of oil. However, crude oil prices do have slight implications for the company since this is their main business.

Furthermore, the firm shows return-on-equity of greater than 7%. This metric shows that stock holders are rewarded for their investment. They are among the top 10 largest companies by revenue.

Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE : CAT) manufactures and sells construction and mining equipment. CAT is classified in the industrial goods sector. Periodic economic reports impact this sector. Reports include manufacturing or crop reports.

Therefore, investing in this company give an investor tremendous exposure to the economy as a whole. One does not have to be concerned with “cutting edge” products, and how they will be received by the market. CAT has a market cap just under $100 billion, a healthy dividend of around 2% and relatively stable earnings.

In Conclusion

Best stocks to buy noted above are well-known companies. They have consistently showed buy-and-hold investors profits. In conclusion, holding a basket of these best stocks is a smart way in which investors can profit.

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