Top Trending Stocks

trending stocks

Trending stocks garner attention from all corners of the market. This buzz creates profitable trading opportunities for both longs and shorts. News of record quarters, dividend cuts, or new regulation creates, sustains, or ends trends. It is at this point massive amounts of money are won and lost. This article discusses the top trending stocks today. Additionally, it offers guidance on what makes stocks trend in the first place. The age old saying “the trend is your friend” is not a lie. These stocks offer investors large profits with little to no management required. Trending Stocks Today Many stocks trend

Penny Stocks To Watch

penny stocks to watch

Penny stocks attract investors for their amazing upside potential. Many of these stocks are cheap for a reason. They are companies with fading sales and presence. Additionally, many are in serious debt. Investors disregard companies such as these for good reason.  However, many penny stocks to watch are detailed in this article. These companies share common characteristics. Investors use these commonalities to identify penny stocks to watch in the future. In financial markets, many things repeat over time. For this reason, successful penny stock traders experience astronomical returns. Heavily Traded Penny Stocks To Watch Liquidity is paramount to trading penny stocks.

Best Blue Chip Picks

best blue chip stocks

Investors gravitate toward so called “blue chip companies” because they are typically household names. These are the biggest companies in the market, and with that comes an aspect of safety. What makes one blue chip pick different from the next? Blue chips are typically dividend payers, giving them extra allure over pure speculative plays. These companies show a market capitalization of over $5 billion. With large caps leading this market to all time highs, it is important that market participants have concrete understanding of the space.  A more in-depth explanation is found here. Blue Chip Index Most blue chip picks can

Best Stocks Under $10

stocks under 10

Investors trade lower priced stocks based on a few reasons. Typically, these are lower risk names. For example, a $5 stock moves less in dollar terms than a $200 stock. Traders and investors who hold a portfolio of names are susceptible to gap risk. This is when a stock opens at a different price than it previous closed. This article details the best stocks under $10. It is important for a strategy to match the stock’s personality. Otherwise, trading becomes frustrating  and unprofitable. We will discuss sound strategies for these stocks. Additionally, what makes them fit certain strategies. Finally, we

Top Stock Picks

stock picks

The best stock picks are not always the most popular. Many times, stocks flying under the radar give the best returns. A successful investor or trader always stays current with company news. Additionally, sector and market news affect the top stock picks. This article narrows the large stock universe and discusses the top stock picks today. Each investor has his own method of evaluating stocks. However, we detail metrics that screened for top stocks picks in the past. Many times in the market, history repeats itself. On this premise, we assume these metrics identify winning stock picks. Stock Picks Today

Stocks To Trade

stocks to trade

With over 7,000 stocks in the market, how does one narrow his list of stocks to trade? A successful trader understands what his strengths and weaknesses are.  Also, he chooses stocks that support these strengths, giving him better chance at profit. In this article, we will detail the best stocks to trade for different investment strategies or personalities. For example, low priced names have inherently less volatility than high priced names. Some traders need low volatility to live, others require abnormal movement. Liquidity is also paramount. A trader must be in the position with enough size for a trade to

Penny Stocks To Buy

stocks under 5

Penny stocks offer investors significant upside returns. The percentage returns on penny stocks to buy cannot be found elsewhere in the market. Additionally, these names give buyers defined risk. Defined risk is paramount to market participants. Without it, one cannot make a living over the long run. Some strategies rely on shorting these names in the belief that they will go bankrupt. Often, this is a crowded trade. This is shown in many of these stock’s high short interest. Crowded trades rarely work for the masses. By design, they cannot. Conversely, this article focuses on penny stocks to buy. Buying

Popular Stocks

Popular Stocks

Popular stocks provide better profit opportunity than under the radar names. This phenomenon exits due to the amount of competing parties in these stocks. In unpopular, illiquid names, spread is wide and risk is elevated. Additionally, community support and research is readily available in more popular stocks. What makes these names popular? This article provides information on how to trade popular stocks, also how to identify them. These are liquid names in which real size can be traded without adverse fills. The amount of buzz around a name generally dictates how drastic the move is. Popular Stocks Today Stocks become

Hot Stocks

hot stocks

Hot stocks are always a topic of conversation among traders and investors. However, many outside of Wall Street do not understand what makes these names attractive in the first place. Being able to identify hot stocks before they pop, or early in their run allows traders greater profit opportunity. One method of identifying hot stocks is developing a screening tool that monitors large volume spikes during the trading session. Large volume usually precedes large moves; think of it as an igniter that starts the fire. Hot stocks remain active for weeks, sometimes months at a time. Consequently, it is a

Best Day Trading Books

Best day trading books

Literature on trading is plentiful, but that does not mean it is all worthwhile. A good portion of it is created only for profit and lacks sound advice to help develop traders. This article breaks down the best day trading books and offers highlights of their strengths. Characteristics of best day trading books include strategy development, psychology lessons, and personal takes on trading the markets. Successful trading depends heavily on finding a strategy that fits ones psychology. A trader needs to research different methods and understand which suits him best. Best Introduction Day Trading Books A Beginner’s Guide To Day