Motley Fool Penny Stocks – Are They Worth It?

Motley fool penny stocks certainly get a lot of attention from day traders who make their living from penny stocks; but are they worth your time and attention? More to the point, what can motley fool penny stocks give you that another penny stock researcher can’t give you? Our answer will surprise you so let’s move right into the question on motley fool penny stocks.

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Motley Fool Penny Stocks – What Is Their Claim To Fame Anyway?

To a day trader just getting their feet wet, an encounter with the Motley Fool can sometimes be awe inspiring. The company is after all right up there with the big names on Wall Street. A quick search and Google returns the following complementary searches: The Street Inc., NASDAQ, Morningstar Inc., Seeking Alpha and a bunch of other heavy hitters. What does this tell us? Well, it tells us that Motley Fool is no ordinary financial advisory company. It certainly looks mainstream in its posture and you don’t have to dig deep to see that it was founded in 1993 by two siblings. It looks too, like the Motley Fool is funded – this means big dollars and heavy duty resources under the chassis. So what does a seemingly funded company doing issuing alerts on penny stocks?

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Motley Fool Penny Stocks – Proper Penny Stocks?

Given the Motley Fool’s mainstream credentials it makes you wonder if the penny stocks they claim to select and present to subscribers are actually legitimate penny stocks. By “legitimate” we mean stocks that conform to the standard definition of penny stocks – those trading for $5 or less.

Based on our research, it appears that the Motley Fool penny stocks are the real deal. This is good news if you are looking for motley fool penny stocks but bad news if you’ve got little cash to work with.

Here’s the thing. The Motley Fool is a paid subscriber service; so whilst it may from time to time research and issue alerts on penny stocks, you’ll have to pay to access those picks. In an ideal world where everyone who trades had unlimited funds to pay for subscriptions and still find the money to buy penny stocks, motley fool penny stocks wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

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But the world isn’t ideal. The markets can be bitingly annoying to day traders and elections don’t always produce the better winners. Because of this it is clear that motley fool penny stocks are really only for the moneyed class. The type of fay traders that come can splash out $20K on trading equipment before they buy their first penny stock. You may have that sort of money, and if you do, good on you. But if you don’t, then you are probably better off exploring other alternative to motley fool penny stocks.

One such alternative is the services of a free penny stocks newsletter. These aren’t all paid; nor are they all just all bark and no bite. Some actually research their pick and provide subscribers with helpful hints and tips on how to make better trades – all 100% free.

You can get started with one of those free newsletters today; just go here, have a look, and if you like what you see, sign up!